Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Prayers, Guidance and Possibilities

    I just about bet other folks are really having many worries an dire thoughts about our future in so many ways. We look and see all kinds of stupid crazy things. Some of us are closer to it than others. Other than just trying to make it through the day in a semi normal way we have all these not just fake news but our own eyes that can see and interpret what is going on around us.
It .... Don't.... Look ... Good
    We wonder and worry about what direction to go and what to do to accomplish not just a new normal but a safe old style normal of safety, good morals, comfortably having enough food for family, a good place to have the rule of law in control enough we have the freedom to move about without a excessive amount of worry for safety.
   ... We ain't even going to go to money and bills.... not even...
    I know a lot of people that have tried to be ready for hard times of not being able to purchase items because of shortages and money in general.  Some are very capable of "getting by" for anywhere to a few weeks to 6 months or more. I know we can't be ready for or think of everything. Some of the darnedest things will pop up that you need (not want) and you will think man ! I didn't even think of that! Or maybe Dang! I was going to and I forgot or didn't get to it.
   Some of us have relatives that know and think you have been absolutely crazy for thinking and doing ahead. Others will now come to you and say "Boy! You nailed this one!" Ignore the folks that think your crazy. The ones that see the light now don't tell them of your supplies I don't care how close and trusting you feel like they are but if they welcome your input help them plan or think ahead. If nothing else at least get them to do some basics for their families comfort and safety. I won't go into these things because it has been all over the net and easy to find. Not only that each family or person has their own ideas and needs.
    For those of you that pray or communicate with your supreme being. Keep it up we need all the help we can get to make things better for everyone. Some of you may have even received messages from wherever guiding you or reassuring you of the here and now or future. For those of you that have experienced this before you know your not loony tunes. For those of you that have never had that happen and are confused or think your going crazy.... Not really. Just remember don't let your thoughts, visions or whatever you want to call them to guide you in a bad direction. If you think your being guided to do bad, hurtful or damaging things then your getting messages from not a good place. Never ever do anything bad or hurtful. True guidance and a love for the people around you is not going to influence you to say or do bad, hurtful or damaging things. Love always guides a person to think and do loving things that will benefit yourself and others around you making things better not worse.
   Some messages are so confusing. Some folks may get a complete and clear message spelling things out plain as day. That same person may have a vision or message that is spotty or confusing. Don't try to interpret. When you try to figure something out you are putting your own influences and fears in the mix and your message may become something totally different than what was intended. Just take it as presented. If it isn't clear sit back and wait. One day you will see something and understand exactly what it meant or what you should do. Some messages may be a local close to you thing around you and your family. Some may be further out being your state or country. Sometimes even world events. It isn't always clear. I have to write things down or I forget the messages. Sometimes the messages will not go away until I tell the person / people involved. (Try that one out on someone that doesn't know how you operate! LOL) Usually after I tell the intended people it will finally go away and I can't remember it for anything. Weird I know but I guess I was just suppose to be the messenger.
    I always talk to God and listen the best I can. Sometimes I hear words sometimes I see pictures of events. Honest to goodness I have even been known to be able to speak to folks that have passed on. God has put people in my path that has needed to hear or be reassured in some way from a loved one that has passed on. I never know when or if it will happen. It just does.
     Here lately I have been praying to God to please stop all these crazy people that are damaging so many peoples lives and businesses and our country in general. To please make powerless the world leaders that may be influencing and doing harm to people all over the world making all the lives they touch in turmoil. To please feed those that are hungry and to protect the good folks from all dangers.

Some of the messages I have received.
It will all stop instantly.
It will be fine You will be fine They will all learn and come back to me
October will be a bad time.
I have seen images of large / huge crowds of people. They look poor, shabby with hands up reached and I don't know I am guessing I think hungry?
November and December don't feel good at all. Dark, dangerous, wanting, constant worry.
The new year January, February sunny / light 2021 feels clear / no worries / everything better/ fixed???

    Remember accuracy is not guaranteed here. It is what it is whatever that is. Many times I have noticed I get messages for 3-6 months in advance. I have had a few that are many years in advance.
    I have noticed when I do make it out on occasion with my mask and all where we used to say have a good day we now hear "Have a safe day" Surely we can all think of something else that is uplifting and not something that reminds us how dangerous we are made to feel trying to do the normal things in life!

Please do good wherever you can. 

Love to everyone,

Monday, June 29, 2020

I'm Ready For A Change

 I am so tired of things in my kitchen!
    See that pot of chicken? That is a 7lb whole chicken.
Now I got some decent size kitchen pots for cooking and canning but anything too much bigger than this just wouldn’t work on my electric burners.
     For one I cuss those things daily. Trying to boil water, I don’t care how large or small in most cases it ain’t happening! Now if you put a lid on probably so. But I don’t like to use lids. Just something extra to clean most of the time! When you have to put a lid on something to get a rolling boil on that is !!@#$ near just BEGGGING for something to do it's job right the way it should without a lid!
   Now the oven is great.... I have the thermostat fixed. Still some of the vegan cupcakes and etc. I have tried is just so moist you wonder if the stuff is done. It's done... it's just the way every one I have tried is so far. No Thank You. I don't mind a moist product but not to the point it's gooey and you wonder if it's done good.
   I was watching Paula Dean cook their most requested chicken and dumpling recipe at all her restaurants.
    She was in her home and of course she had a gorgeous stove! Still she put a pot on that had to be huge! There was plenty of room all the way around for that chicken and more a good 4-6 inches. She could put enough water in to cover the chicken a inch or 2 also. Naturally it cooked up great. I didn't care for her style of dumplings..... kind of like a tough biscuit sort of. She said not to stir the pot with the dumplings in them or they would fall apart. Well good grief if they would fall apart like that they sure wouldn't hold together with reheating for leftover soup! I laugh, my hubby likes a dumpling that fights back. To me it's just a doughy tough mess! I mean you bite into it and you leave teeth tracks where ya been I mean seriously! Then again I haven't found a in-between dumpling recipe that works either yet.
   I'm not some gourmet cook or anything but I don't like to cook little bitty. It's all the same mess and time in most cases so why not have enough to share, right??? (Still Hubby just can't ever have enough dumplings so I can't share many of them. LOL )
    I swear if others peoples home stove is like this I would like to know how in the !!@@# they get anything cooked!
Do they actually cook anymore??
    I could put it in the oven but I want all the juices that go with a boiled chicken for a good soup. I want a GAS STOVE !!! THE ONE WITH A REAL FLAME THAT REACHES OUT AND COVERS THE BOTTOM OF A PAN AND HEATS UP SO HOT AND FAST YOU BLINK AND IT'S BOILING !
     Out in the country though it would have to be propane and since my house was made all electric. Sure we have a fireplace but at this age and my breathing that is emergency only. Someone smarter than us is going to have to figure out how to get that propane line in and make it look good. I can't imagine how much a really good gas cook top would cost now days. I sure don't like the idea of having to worry about filling the tank up very often so it would have to be really big and cost a fortune to fill.
   As I told my husband.... I...... am..... so.... tired.... of.... everything ! I'm ready for a change ..... I want some new stuff....... A new life..... A new house.... A new auto..... you name it... ( well everything except a new husband, I think I can keep that )
   Oh Yes....... I put a lid on that pot of chicken turned it on high and said cook! Well of course, and I know the pot is too full, it DOES decide to boil ! So ok I go turn the dial down to half of what it was. It STILL leaks out liquid on the stove and makes a mess. So I turn it down some more. Wait a while and dang it's still making a mess! So ok now I take the lid off and turn the knob up. It's crazy ! So I basically have to put the lid on a pot to get everything hot enough to even be able to boil ! I had to bribe my stove to do it's job right with a lid on the pot. GRRRR !
   Well after all this aggravation we will have some good chicken and some tough dumplings for hubby and some good flavor for supper.

( I better get me some of that new stuff while I am still healthy enough and able to enjoy it !)