Sunday, January 8, 2017

Age and Snow

When the weather turns cold and looks like this......

And looks like this??....

What happens when as you age and can no longer do the ski or sledding fun??

You do this!!!!

And when your all done .....
It looks like this !

Well ok we took it out of the freezer and each of us wrestled with our own bowl    He got his vanilla and I got my chocolate!     
     I really like his vanilla better but my chocolate tasted like a Wendy's frosty! 
     No that is not whiskey . That is home made vanilla extract. Using the cream and eagle brand gives it so much better flavor than what I grew up with. 
     As a child we would use plain ol milk and sugar with a dab of vanilla. My young taste buds didn't know a bit of difference so it tasted just as good as my fancy smancy stuff! 
   Enjoy your snow .... Even if age makes you hurt from the cold ..... There is still fun to be had.


Thursday, January 5, 2017

2016 Holiday Season

Seems like from the end of October to the end of December is almost nonstop holiday activities. 
    Thanksgiving I made 5 pies for different people. 3 honey pecan pies one for Nikki's husband. One for a party at Nikki's moms house another for a family party.

One standard pumpkin pie for a aunt that no longer cooks. I made a beginner coconut pie. I had never made one before and I wasn't impressed. All it is is a juiced up vanilla pudding! I didn't have time to do the meringue on this one. 
      Then here comes Christmas ! 

I has 2 parties on the same day. One I needed to take desserts to the other was at a local eatery I had a little over a weeks notice to put designed invitations, round up all those updated addresses, get everything mailed, make the reservations together for 40 or more people!  So I dropped off this  New York style cheesecake recipe from Gretchen's Bakery that met up with my honey pecan pie! It has a vanilla wafer crust, then pecan pie goo with cheesecake poured on top of that . The cheesecake had toasted sliced pecans inside. I used a homemade bourbon vanilla extract I made.  After the top firmed up I put more pecan pie goo on that . 
    I also took this much improved coconut meringue cream pie.

This pie had a gingersnap and coconut crust, about $9 worth of heavy cream, coconut milk, toasted coconut in the filling. It took 5 egg whites for this super tall meringue . I had great fun using Hubby's blow torch on it! The next one I will use a all coconut and butter toasted crust because the ginger was just too strong a flavor. 
    Since this party was also Mexican theme I took Mexican cinnamon cookies and cinnamon and sugar crisps. 
    I missed that party but while I was at the other family event I kept getting texts from the other party with rave reviews on my pies an requests for recipes which I gladly shared. 
     When I finished with the party I had to attend I went back to pick up my dishes. I was really surprised to see there wasn't  any left overs ! Usually you have something to take back. Lol I'm glad they enjoyed it. I for sure know what those folks like! 
    For my own family party Allexcia's family came in. She brought really good BBQ with pork and beans , coleslaw . We made loaded mashed potatoes and home made Mac and cheese. The Mac and cheese was over a pound of noodles, velveta cheeses smoked cheddar cheese, sour cream, heavy cream with panco (sp?) toasted crumbs on top. Tea and sodas for drinks. 
     I made peanut butter frosted Hershey's brownies for grandson. I found out later he liked milk chocolate instead. The other grandson I tried out a new pumpkin pie recipe that needed more cinnamon . Hubby got the pecan pie he liked. Someone else got a lemon meringue pie. Just using juice wasn't lemony enough so I added some organic lemon essential oil to jazz it up. That helped a bunch! Everything was homemade no box mixes used at all. 
       Our grand finally was this beautiful tree ! 

     Christmas presents were great fun but that is a whole new big post!


Friday, December 23, 2016

Grandson's Fudgy Brownies

Everyone is getting their requested dessert for Christmas dinner .
   This grandson loves brownies and peanut butter. So I combined them both for him to indulge. A whole 13X9x2 pan full! He has to share at the dinner but gets to take leftovers home.
    Hubby tried the unfrosted brownies and loved the dark chocolate and chewiness of them. 
    Just face it, it's hard to beat a good Hershey's chocolate recipe!

( who is perfecting some really good favorite recipes to keep.)

Friday, December 9, 2016

Italian Chili!

Well you mean you've never heard of Italian Chili?!!
    What are you supposed to do when it's cold outside and chili sounds Sooo good to the tummy and you have no tomato sauce?
     Take a look at the ingredients and you can see the answer! LoL Yes that is black beans. Brown beans are too big and squishy for my taste buds.

Don't worry I didn't use all the spaghetti sauce, just enough to give it some flavor. I was really surprise it tasted really good. Even hubby liked it!
     Well the Italian Chili saved the day and even warmed us up.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

I Think I Made Some Pasta!

Going to a family function and folks were asked to bring a salad and dessert.
   Ok so Nikki sent me this one she liked. It has most if the food groups in it so sounded good enough to me! 
    Oh my goodness ! It made a bunch!  I have to dig out some pretty dishes but Nikki said I could use hers if I didn't find them. 
     This is how much I still have after taking out 1/2 gallon to keep some for me and drop off at a aunts house on the way. She doesn't cook much so when I can think if it I try to share. 

(Still cooking for thanksgiving )

Friday, November 25, 2016

Taste Test

Heidi Ho has to have anything and everything that hubby has to eat or drink! She for sure has her opinion as to which soda is better! 

And the winner is....!

This is how she tells him what she wants. First with just a gentle stare down.

Then if you don't pay attention you get a sometimes not so gentle nudge.

If for some reason you are just ignoring her she gets downright cranky about it ! lOL

Wonder if Coka Cola would like this for a ad???


Saturday, November 19, 2016

What a Interesting Day !

I wanted to fix hubby a good breakfast today. Well he always has a good breakfast it's just I made one of his favorites today. Mush with lots of fried bacon ends and pieces with toast and orange juice. This weekend is a harder time in the birdhouse with having to go through each nest box. It's always been a hard job but getting older makes it a lot harder. 
Get hubby and Heidi Ho out the door and I get the kitchen put back together I get my binoculars and keys to make a round to all the properties. Friday was the start of deer gun season. So since this is Saturday and people have time off they could be in places they're not supposed to be like our property!
   I get back and start figuring out what to try and get done from the huge wish to do list I have! I start getting the cayenne peppers and sage cleaned up to make extracts. 
     I got a surprise call from the housekeeper. She is on her way with a photographer to see all the pretty places we have to take family pictures. I had a real surprise !  It was housekeeper her 4 young women daughters and about a 2 yo grandson with the photographer in I think I saw 4 autos? 
    I took the photographer and housekeeper around first to 3 different places. A lake, a park area, and geandma's barn. Then we went back for her girls that followed us in 1 car. When we got past the gates they piled into old blue hanging on for dear life. Lol
     The baby got to ride I the cab with me , the photographer and grandma . It was pretty chilly. They all seemed to have fun especially in grandmas 100 year old barn . The photographer liked the lake but the girls liked the barn. You can imagine 5 women and a baby getting pictures taken! They all did real good for several hours but they were ready for lunch and some were getting tired so called it quits. 
     I was the gate person. Opening closing and locking as needed. Ouch! I am a bit sore. Took everyone back to their cars and I had to go back to open one place for the helper to hunt. He already got one buck but has only seen a couple of does now and a dead hog sow that looked like it got into a fight and lost. We were wondering where what looked like 50 buzzards were chewing down at. I know all the cows were ok and thank goodness the cleanup crew were just taking care of natures mess.
    So now I'm back in. Resting up and trying to get back into the groove of my Wish To Do List. It's almost 4 p now. It will be time to make another hunter round soon and fix hubby some good supper while he rests up from a hard bird day .
  Roasting the tomatoes for salsa is for sure going to have to be Sunday !
    Seems like I get a lot done but for other people! Getting my stuff done is not in the cards sometimes .
     Oh well, it was different and loads of fun! I'll get it done yet.
  Oops! I just thought I could get going on my stuff. Hubby came in and wanted me to trim the excess fuzz off his neck ears etc .