Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sideways Bully

 I had a paid helper for a day doing some things we needed to get caught up on.
Other than pulling hay string out late in the season on this day the next day was a lot easier with fence clearing.
        Out cutting trees off fence with helper doing the work and me supervising and being lazy. 

    One of the bulls came up to the truck door and didn't have a clue I was inside.        
     This picture is about 3 ft from the window and distorted weird. 
      On this funny day he literally had his nose almost in the cab with me! 
 I calmly turned my head and in a normal voice said, boo ! He jumped. 6 ft sideways from me ! 
     Should have seen the way he looked at me ! Soooo funny !
      That was one really surprised and ticked off bull!! I swear I have never seen a bovine of any kind jump straight sideways!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Yummy Smoky Okie

We had this dish locally recently and it was really good ! Doesn't look that great in the pic but it sure was.

    Their's was fried potatoe rounds on the bottom then smoked BBQ pork with shredded cheese melted on top.
     For some reason mine wasn't as good. The only difference was I used beef instead of pork and my potatoes and BBQ meat wasn't smoked. Evidently that makes a really big difference. Darn! 
    It will be better next time


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

40 skills that today's Millennials have no idea how to do

I thought this was interesting. Surely the younger generation isn't THIS far gone! LOL test your kids or grandkids just for laughs.




40 shockingly simple skills that today's pathetic Millennials have no idea how to do

#1) Plant a seed in dirt and grow an edible plant.

#2) Change a bicycle tire.

#3) Sharpen a pencil.

#4) Identify the name of any tree or bird in the real world.

#5) Check the oil level in any engine.

#6) Name a single star in the night sky.

#7) Change a blown fuse in anything (or even reset a circuit breaker).

#8) Drive a stick shift. (Many don't even know what "stick shift" means.)

#9) Navigate using a printed map without using GPS.

#10) Strike a punching bag without injuring their frail, fragile wrists.

#11) Repair a broken garden hose without throwing it away and buying a new hose.

#12) Stop bleeding with a tourniquet.

#13) Cut a piece of wood in a straight line using a hand saw.

#14) Carry a 50 lb. bag of animal feed on their shoulder for 50 meters.

#15) Cook a real meal that isn't "instant" or microwaveable.

#16) Start a camp fire, even with a lighter.

#17) Sharpen a knife, even using a knife sharpener.

#18) Build a shelter in the forest by using only forest materials.

#19) Use a car jack without ripping the bumper off the vehicle.

#20) Chop wood for a wood stove.

#21) Locate and reset the ground fault tolerant button on an electrical outlet to restore power to the outlets.

#22) Dry clothes on a clothesline.

#23) Strip a copper wire.

#24) Securely tie a rope to anything at all.

#25) Calculate a 15% waiter tip in their heads.

#26) Make a broken bone splint out of anything at all.

And for advanced skills, Millennials have absolutely no idea how to do any of the following:

#27) Catch a fish.

#28) Clean a pistol.

#29) Swap out the hydraulic hose on a piece of farm equipment.

#30) Intelligently read any food label.

#31) Purify water using a plastic bottle and sunlight.

#32) Make a water filter out of charcoal and sand.

#33) Fold a paper airplane.

#34) Make an emergency funnel out of aluminum foil.

#35) Chop down a dead tree with an axe.

#36) Read a compass.

#37) Cut a stuck seatbelt to escape a burning vehicle.

#38) Paddle a canoe in any intended direction at all.

#39) Open any can of food without using electricity.

#40) Siphon fuel from the gas tank of an abandoned car.

Now ask yourself this question, and answer honestly. Given that most Millennials know absolutely nothing about the real world -- and have no real-world skills to speak of -- how can they possibly survive the next great collapse?

The only time they're ever venturing out into the real world is when they're playing Pokemon Go (and walking off cliffs or stumbling into traffic as a result). Go figure...

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Heidi Ho Practicing Alligator

Heidi Ho gets really hot some days being a good Ranch Hand.
     When she gets too hot sometimes we have to stop and let her jump into the pond to cool off when we are out checking cows.
     Most of the time she can wait till we get home and jump into the doggie pool. She REALLY likes the pool and water hoses and ponds. If there was a doggie wet T shirt contest she would be the first one to sign up! 
     Here is Heidi Ho practicing to be a alligator laying low and waiting.


Saturday, June 11, 2016

Master Tonic Mix

Master Tonic


It's only fitting to put a old style remedy in a antique Atlas canning jar
     I let everything brew at least 3 weeks. This is how much stuff was in there when I strained it out.
     Fair warning I originally had a regular canning lid on it. Even though it was on only tight enough to shake and not leak out, the acid and other contents carroded the lid so bad I could hardly get it off ! I don't plan on shaking this and looks like the lid is coated so maybe there won't be a problem.
    Now all I have to do is label with the date, recipe, directions and put on a dark shelf.
    It says no refrigeration needed and I believe it . Nothing can survive in this mix! Any brave soul wanting to use it is going to have to be mighty tough to survive all the hot stuff in the contents !


Recipe for the Master Tonic

Ingredients :
  • 3 cups apple cider vinegar
  • ¼ cup garlic, chopped
  • ¼ cup onion, chopped
  • 2 fresh hot peppers
  • ¼ cup grated ginger
  • 2 tablespoons grated horseradish
  • 2 tablespoon turmeric powder


Combine last six ingredients together in a mixing bowl, then transfer to a glass screw-top jar. Pour in apple cider vinegar (add more than three cups if needed to fill jar to the top). Screw the top on then shake jar vigorously. Keep jar in a cool dry place for 2 weeks, shaking it twice a day. After that, strain the liquid through a sieve or piece of gauze. There is no need to keep this resulting liquid refrigerated as it will keep for a long time.
  Instructions for Use
Keep in mind that this tonic is hot and very potent: never take it on an empty stomach and when this tonic is started, it is best to take a teaspoonful at a time to allow the body to get used to it. After that, work up to a tablespoon daily. Eat a slice of citrus fruit afterwards to help calm the burning sensation but do not dilute the tonic in water as this will decrease its effect.
Tonics like this basic recipe dates back to the Middle Ages.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Pit Bull Hunting Talents

    If anyone doesn't like hunting stories you might want to skip this one.
  This morning breakfast is done hubby and Heidi went outside to check everything except Heidi had to stay home this time. Hubby had to dispose of some critters somewhere Heidi Ho couldn't roll on them and use them for doggie perfume. 
     It seems like last night we had two visitors. Heidi was looking out the front door like she always does but last night she was having a fit. We went to see what was going on. We saw two armadillos romping and chasing each other up and down the driveway and around the wood pile. Normally you only see one armadillo at a time. So I'm guessing this was possibly some kind of a mating ritual going on. Quite interesting to see two armadillos running and stomping around the house outside.
     Hubby got all excited. I swear he was almost as excited as Heidi Ho. All this winter and spring we have had armadillos digging holes not only in the yard but also out of the pasture. I don't mean little bitty holes I'm talking about big holes also. The kind that the tractor hits and it throws you around inside the cab. And with husbands Parkinson's you really don't need holes for him to stumble around and get hurt.
    He stepped out on the front porch with a gun. As soon as that rifle showed up Heidi went and hid under my desk. She knows what a gun does! They were running around so much he really needed to get closer to get a good shot but didn't have shoes on. I went and got his shoes so he can put them on. As soon as his feet were covered though he was out and after those armadillos!
     It took a bit of chasing around from the house all the way down to the barn and halfway up to the house again. But he finally got them. If anybody's ever been armadillo hunting you should know armadillos are not the best easiest thing in the world to dispense with! 
      After he put the gun up and got back in the house Heidi was ready to go outside and see what happened. She knew. There was something for her to check out. She was running all over the yard with her nose seeing where everybody went. I have never seen a pitbull was such a good nose that she has. She chased that scent everywhere! 
      We knew what she was up too. But it was dark and we like to keep track of Heidi ho in the dark. Sure enough, she comes back up from around the barn with a big O armadillo in her mouth.
      She was so proud of herself! Pitbull's are real good as a catch dog. Now you try to get them turn loose of something, that's a different story! It was so funny trying to get that big O armadillo away from her. I know that armadillo was at least 10 pounds! He finally go it away and put it in the back of Ol Blue. She was not happy so he pointed her in the direction of the other one. She went right to it and brought it up to the house. 
   She's a smart doggie she went way around where we were. She wasn't about to let us take this one ! We finally told her to go into the back yard. She thought cool! I can take it back there! As hubby opened the gate he grabbed the armadillo and had to wrestle it away from her. It was a tug of war. She tried to get it all the way to the back of Ol Blue.
     She finally settled down but she was a real mess. You can't give critters a full body massage without getting messy. She got a water hose bath dried off and got to rest up in the back yard. 
    Soooooo...... Like I said pit bulls r great catch dogs and not to bad at retrieving but we really need to work on the release part ! LOL

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Heidi Ho Ranch Doggie

Heidi Ho is such a cool cow doggie sometimes !
It's so funny to watch some of the things that happen. You never have a camera or video when you need it .
   Today she wasn't a cow dog but a cool squirrel dog. After all she is a 2 squirrel doggie ! I don't know of any dogs that show up with 2 dead squirrels in their mouth. LOL
    This morning I was fixing breakfast around 7 ish and as usual the front door was open so she could look outside. Suddenly she stood up and bounced at the door wanting out. I went to take a look at what she was so excited about. 
   Standing on my cement front porch was this sassy little squirrel sniffing around my plants in out and all around. Getting a sip out of a water pan then standing on his hind legs and looking directly at the door laughing at the 80 pound white pit bull standing at complete attention with a intense gaze that could only be interpreted as "Locked on Target!"
    He went to the big water bucket and got a big drink then I tried to bang on the door to scare him. Didn't work so I opened the window and hollered at him. He finally ran out into the driveway under Old Blue. 
      I thought he had enough head start so I let Heidi Ho out to take a run at him. She had Soooo much fun! She absolutely hauled it! Faster than I have seen her move lately. The problem is the silly squirrel almost forgot to run! Thank goodness he finally ran up the tree! Whew!
 Silly Squirrel ! 
Made Heidi Ho's day for sure. Lol gave me something to chuckle about all day long. 
   Sometimes the days are not same ol same ol and it's a good thing!
   The rest of the day was finish breakfast. Take helper home. Feed cows. Lunch. Put a big order together of CopperHead pain lotion to a gentleman very interested in it.