Sunday, January 13, 2019

Cancer Doctor

Thursday Jan 10th I went to the Cancer Dr. in OKC for my 1 year check up. Actually it has been 1 year 14 days since the surgery. I showed her my latest blood test results and she said everything is great and wonderful!
     I was talking to the doctor and said just think a year ago my husband didn't think I was going to get to go home. The Dr. said ..... "yes after what I did to you you were not getting around to good." I told her yes and all those good drugs didn't help on that matter. She said she was sure glad I was moving around. ( I keep imagining taking out the insides putting everything on a table or just moving everything over to be able root around and find all the cancer. ) She said last year that there were times she didn't think she would be able to get to a area then it would just open up so she could.
     Now think about that..... the Dr. said "after what she did to me!" Doesn't sound like she was very confident of my recovery either. 
    Now I try not to make a big deal out of stuff usually. All this last year everyone including husband and several relatives that was waiting during the surgery told me it wasn't a good thing at all. I can't imagine what they were thinking when the operation took 3 hours longer than what was expected. Some of them even told me the nurses were really worried and taking extra good care of me. Hubby has told me several times during the year I was lucky to be alive! I don't remember much afterwards. I know that my daughter came to see me I think the next day and had to step out in the hall and tell the nurses I was coding. I just remember a bunch of people coming in at one time and that's it. I asked what the heck happened after that and she said basically they just loaded me up with ativan. No wonder I don't remember anything ! LOL Everything after that was a blurr until about Jan 8th when I got to go home. They kept trying to put me in some kind of nursing facility thinking I wouldn't be able to cope at home. I don't know why all I know is hubby called and told me I HAVE TO GET UP AND WALK AROUND if I want to go home ! Believe me..... it wasn't a easy task at all after getting gutted with a 12'' incision and being drugged for days and days. They tried helping me walking around down the hall but it must have been like getting a drunk to walk a straight line. I didn't impress them at all. LOL
      I don't know what normal recovery is like after a surgery like that. No clue, but evidently I was way far away from normal. They say ignorance is bliss and I guess I am proof in this case. I had no clue how bad off I was. All I know is I had to get through it. That's it. You do what you have to do at that moment. I do know I made up for lost time when I did get home. The nurse said I healed up at least 2 weeks quicker than her other patients with that incision and she had some that didn't heal completely for 2 yrs! She was in tears when she saw how well I healed. I told her God, Hubby waiting on me hand and foot, eating 60 grams? of protein a day lots of good vitamins and laying in this recliner as much as possible!
    Now we know why God sent me a protection detail of Angels surrounding the operating table. It was a rough operation. Why all my ancestors were there I don't know but I guess they just needed to be there. 
   Speaking of God. I felt a hand on my right  shoulder all the way to the doctors appointment Thursday and for a hour afterwards. I told him while your there why don't you fix that messed up shoulder. LOL 
   I asked the Dr. if other people encounter talking to dead people after a operation like that. I told her I have had people put in my path with loved ones that have died and I can connect with them and give them messages " ? ". I get tears and hugs and thank you's afterwards. I never know when it's going to happen. She said no but your special. LOL  now that can be taken a couple of different ways but lets just take it I'm not completely goofy ! LOL
    So 2019 is starting out much better than 2018 did! This year not only am I on the right side of the grass the weather is so much better! Last year hubby was having to take care of the ranch in below 0* temps all by himself and worry about me. This year it's just a wet muddy mess but I can help when needed. I spent the first 6 months recovering completely. Last year was just sooooo hard...... With my surgery, hubby had health issues... he had anxiety so bad it looked like Parkinson's with all that shaking going on when stressed even a little. Then we also decided to try and retire. To actually sell the ranch we have been doing for many years. Lots of emotional stress and physical stress. But like I said this year is starting out better. I am doing good. Hubby is doing soooo much better. We had made the decision to retire and now we can accept that easier. It's just a matter of time now and paperwork. 

(Glad God thinks it's worth keeping me around )


Friday, August 10, 2018

Beautiful Sunny Morning Break

It’s a beautiful morning 
I’m sunning on the front porch a few minutes getting my vitamin D!
    I look out and see freshly mowed pasture and hay field all done. Cow’s enjoying the shade already at 10am. 
    Wild birds scarfing up the exposed bugs from me brush hogging 
    Best of all I have quite time without a hubby needing something!
    I might actually get the kitchen where you can see a square inch of clean counter !
I know some women complain about a dirty kitchen because the sink as maybe 2 dishes in it. No I'm not like that I swear to all that when I say 1" of clean counter would be nice I am serious! 
    4 out of 7 days I am picking up and delivering help. I don't get much done in the little time they are here. Then it's do what I can either do myself or help with outside in this crazy heat and humidity. Age does not help that at all. 
    By the time I get back in the house there is down time to recuperate and then try to feed hubby make what business calls or whatever needs to be done or maybe even do a little basic cleaning to keep things sanitary around here. It's pitiful some days!
     We are having a few rainy days this week and the hay man is coming to move 100 bales that are too far away from the house to transport on our little bitty hay trailer. So today I hope it has been a recovery day for me. Surely Friday will be better. Sometimes allergies, too busy or even me picking up on other peoples emotional or physical whatever's just knocks me for a loop!  I'm ready for a break from it all. After everything I have been doing housework is almost a vacation!
 Love ❤️

Monday, July 23, 2018

Hogging With Wiley Coyote

    It's hay season again. We are having the hay baled for us but we have to move the hay. Down below the house we have about a 40 acre ? hay field. It only got about 90 round bales this year. That is 1/2 of what we got last year. They say it's because we had a cold April. I don't know but since we didn't get enough for the year we had them bale another place and got 94?? Bales. Still not enough hay so we are going to have them bale up some on another place we have. We hope to get at least 250 bales to get through winter and feed any we need to when weening or whatever.

   I was brush hogging the hay pen where we store some it at the house. The weeds and grass was 6 foot plus. We had about 25 bales left over from last year so couldn't just turn cows loose and let them graze it down. So here I was just brush hogging like crazy and when I got over close to the left over hay I must have made a coyote nervous. Kind of made me jump. All of a sudden from between the bales I had a coyote jump flat footed straight up over a bale and went running out to the now cut and baled field. It was really really funny..... I must have plumb scared the pee out of him because as soon as he quit running he hiked up is leg and just peed forever! I had the biggest giggle out of that. He kept walking across the field going from shade tree to shade tree since it was at least 100*F continuously looking back at me giving me the dirtiest go to !@@#$ look! You could just hear him cussing me from all the way down there as he walked and kept looking back at me. !@##$%^&!

       So the next day I was actually moving the hay bales and  had to move the ones that were left over out of the way so I could clean it up good. I noticed it was a little bumpy. 
       When I started to actually move the ones off the field and place them in the hay pen I kept falling into some really big holes! You know how a dog digs a hole in a damp spot trying to stay cool, well he had at least 4 big holes dug like that. I turn the tractor wheels a little to sharp in one and try to go somewhere it would rock the whole tractor like it could tip if I didn't stop. 
      When I told daughter about find him and scaring the pee diddle out of him she said I should shoot him. I said naaaa..... he's thinning out the mice and cleaning up any stray feed on the ground. 
     I tell you what..... after having to wrestle with those !@#$%^^@ holes I just about told hubby to take aim! I'm past the ruff stuff now. So I guess he is safe enough. I will just be happy with the idea that I messed up his house for a while LOL!
  Monday --- Finally got to finish up putting in the other 45 bales of hay this afternoon after picking up the help and delivering him back. I changed clothes and told hubby be ready to bring something in to eat. 
    I was on the last 3 bales in the field and going back to get another load. What do I see???... I see that same young male coyote wondering into the field. I kept coming with the tractor. He looked at me and walked then looked at me and thought about it. "Man she's still coming! She's getting closer! Forget it !!@#$% that woman just keeps on messing up my day! He took off back across the creek. LOL  
    I finished up all the hay in that field and hubby called the cows in to clean it up. You would think we hollard POOL PARTY ! They all came running and bucking and loving it all!

( Still sore and with at least another 120 or so bales to move somewhere at 2 at a time)

Thursday, July 12, 2018

What a busy day!

I started my day out at 6am today. Took a bit to get all loosened up. Did all the breathing meds and all.
   Had a little fun giving hubby a hard time. He was sleeping in the recliner when I went into the living room. He woke up just enough to chat when I asked him what was in today’s plans. He went over a few things and wanted to go back to sleep. I razzed him about not wanting to talk to me. He has a habit of waking me at midnight when I’m finally sleepy enough to go to sleep to talk about serious stuff we have never found a answer to before. I say can’t this wait? The he goes into how I never want to talk.Then he says crazy things when I tell him midnight isn’t the time to talk about big things! It’s time to sleep! So this morning I kept waking him up wanting to talk about the day. I complained and said what’s wrong with you?? You never want to talk!! Come on,wake up and talk to me! He totally ignores me! I told him that’s ok I’ll remember that an do it to you. I just walked away laughing! Finally got him!
      I got dressed and was out the door to pick up help by 7:30. Got back with them about 8a. Hubby was leaving for a doctors appointment. 
       They got done with a little job and wanted some hornets spray so they could get into a building. I asked who could run the fastest? They did some painting for me and 2 hours later I took them home 
     Coming back through Prague I stopped in the park and bought two bags of corn. $18 for 72 ears of corn. Usually hubby shucks and I clean and process but this time it was all I could do to get him to carry in the sacks. He just didn’t feel great and wasn’t going to. I drove us to the gas tank to fill up the truck, stopped so he could vacuum out the floors and check birds. 
    Got back to the house and it was way past lunch so I just skipped it and started shucking corn. It took a while. Made one heck of a mess! I got all kinds of sore. It was almost 4 or so when I finished.
   Made a round with hubby checking cows from the road. Came back and told hubby it’s a TV dinner night! 
     I know you’re supposed to blanch the corn before freezing but my fancy stove takes forever to boil water an I was way out of energy so just put them into ziplock bags an said done!! Some are short ears because they were too long to fit the bags. The rest were long. I saved 10 ears for super.  
     Hubby wants me to try a Mexican street corn recipe so that will be interesting. I finally gave up after supper when I carried the bags to the freezer. 
    Take a look! It made a royal mess. I still have to get the sticky off the table and floor.

 But look what beautiful corn I have to put in the freezer ! 
They said they didn't spray their corn thank goodness. Out of all these ears I didn't see one bug. I only had to trim just a few places also. I would love to know their secret to non buggy non sprayed corn!


Thursday, June 28, 2018

Caramel Apple Upside-Down Cake

This is the latest new recipe I have tried lately. It wasn't as pretty as theirs was in their picture but it sure was good !I have got to learn how to take good internet pics! As with pineapple upside down cake this was good also. Makes me wonder about using other toppers like pears, peaches, or even some kind of berries!
    The only thing I did different was after I poured it into the pan I added some chopped up apples to the top of the batter. I'm thinking now maybe it would have been better to mix some in with the batter but I was afraid they would all sink down. 
    It was a nice tasty easy cake to make. It was only one 8" round layer but that's ok it was a good size to try out. I can see how this would be good as a larger oblong cake to take somewhere or for more than 2 people. I would for sure double the amount of gooey part for the topping. It wasn't as caramely tasting as I thought it was going to be. I think maybe if I had added a little tiny bit of cream and cooked it just a tad instead of just melting like this calls for it would have a more caramel flavor maybe. 
    The cake it's self.... it isn't like one of those light and fluffy birthday cake types. It's a little heavier but amazingly light for this type of cake. Just moist enough but not like glue when you eat it. I might save this recipe just for a basic single layer cake like jiffy mix style to fix sometimes.
    It's fine eating at room temp but warming up and putting regular heavy cream or cool whip would be good also. 
Hope you enjoy if you try it!

Bake at 350°F degrees for 35-40 minutes

Ingredients                                                            **** NOTES ****
    ¼ cup unsalted butter (60 grams)
    ½ cup light brown sugar (100 grams)
    ½ tsp. ground cinnamon
    2 lg apples (peel, cored, and thinly sliced)

    1 and ½ cups AP flour, spooned & leveled (190 grams)
    1 tsp. baking powder
    ¼ tsp. salt
    ½ tsp. ground cinnamon
    ½ cup unsalted butter, softened  (115 grams)
    ⅔ cup granulated sugar (130 grams)
    2 lg eggs, room temperature
    1 tsp. vanilla
    ½ cup milk (120 ml)

    Spray a 9-inch cake pan well with nonstick cooking spray and set aside.

To make the topping:
    Add butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon to pan over medium heat.
    Stir well until the mixture is completely melted and smooth.
    Remove from the heat
    Pour mixture into prepared cake pan evenly on the bottom.
    Arrange apple slices evenly on top. Set aside.

To make the cake:
    Whisk together flour, baking powder, salt, and cinnamon. Set aside.
    In a separate bowl, beat butter and sugar until smooth.
    Slowly add the eggs one at a time, mixing after each one.
    Add vanilla and mix until fully combined.
    Alternate dry mix and milk into butter mix, starting and ending with flour.
    Pour the batter on top of the sliced apples.
    Bake, allow to cool for about 10 minutes before flipping onto large plate.

Friday, June 8, 2018

3 AM Surprise

    Tuesday morning 6/5/2018 at 3 am I woke up not able to breathe real good. I go into my little computer room / office / catch all to do room to get on the breathing machine. Hubby had snoozed off in the living room recliner I noticed as I walked in to do my medicine. I had just finished and thought I heard some strange sound outside. My room in located in the front of the house just off the front door. I kept hearing this strange low shuffling noise. I was thinking, "What the heck kind of animal did we have out there?" I have heard armadillos shuffling in the leaves and skunks before but not the noise this thing was making. I turned off the light in my room so I could step out to the front door and sneak over to turn the outside porch light on. This way I wasn't back lit and whatever it was couldn't see me maybe until I turned on the light outside.

    Well I looked out a little bit and didn't really see anything. Then I turned on the light..... WHOA ! There was some skinny tatted up man with brown hair in a pony tail suddenly at the front of the door! Well crapola ! He had both arms across his chest with each hand on a shoulder making a X. He was mumbling, and I do mean mumbling and chattering his teeth, he was saying something about the cold. His arms were wet from the elbow to his wrist like he was dipping them into the doggie pool we have just outside the door. Maybe he tripped into it but it didn't look like it.

     Hubby was still asleep in the chair, as I backed away from the still closed storm and regular doors, told him to get his gun there is somebody at the door! That is something we keep really handy now days since we don't move to quick. He reached over while he was sitting there to get it. I told him just stay there don't go outside. Call the sheriff ! I kept my eye on the door and when he dialed I talked to the dispatcher. I told him we had someone at the front door that had no business being there. My name , address and a description of the man as a white male, tattoos, brown hair, under 6 foot, thin. Told them we had a gun but we were not going out there. ( We had no clue if this was a honest problem or a decoy to distract with others out there or what. I wasn't about the open the door to check it out ) He said he had two deputies on the way and would stay on the phone with me. I gave him a description of the house and told him the porch light was on. Told him the man had to hop a steal gate and walk a city block to get to the house. Told him the gate was locked and I couldn't get too it to open it because he was in the way. I told him if we go out there I wasn't about the clean up the mess we would have, I figured I would let them take care of that. LOL He told me that's ok they would hop the gate. We chatted and I said where the hell are those damn floodlights I have been wanting when I need them? ! While I was talking to him the "critter" disappeared I told him but given his condition I'm sure he didn't go far.

    I stayed on the phone with him for 23 minutes and he would give me a update every now and then about where they were at on the way. As soon as I saw someone with a really good light ( Better than a mag light .. I need one of those! ) coming down the driveway  I told him they are here and we are putting our  gun down. (Didn't want them to think they had to watch out for us. It was still handy with plenty of flying debris to take care of things if needed.)

    I opened my main door (which has a big window in the middle that isn't exactly a safe thing with intruders) and lowered the storm door screen enough to hear the officer yell out .... stop right there! .... I will shoot!.... lay down on the ground! ..... They found him between our 2 trucks in front of the garage that is too small for extra long vehicles. I thought.... turns out they found him in the back seat of my extended cab pick up ! I have no clue how that happened, we really slipped up. Normally we have EVERYTHING locked up around here except old blue. Somehow we had neglected to lock it up the last time we used it. That is a rare thing and look what happened. 
    Once they had him cuffed and down on the ground I walked out staying out of sight because I didn't want him to see me. I found out when the officer was checking the back of the truck they found him in there. I was lucky he didn't urinate or defecate in my truck. They even checked the back end that has a roll up cover on it to make sure nobody was in it. I told the officer we didn't have any weapons in it for the man to get. We for sure tossed all the water bottles we had back there! LOL We got lucky on not having to disinfect the truck. 

 I listened to the officers ask him questions.
What's your name .. he knew that.
Are you hurt ? Where do you hurt? Moaning and groaning Did you have a accident ? He didn't know.  ( one of the officers went down the road to see if there was a wreck ) No wreck.
Is anybody with you? He got separated from his brother.
When did you see your bother last? Shawnee What's your brothers name ? How did you get here ? I don't know.
     I mean this man DID NOT KNOW JACK ! He was still moaning and shivering and groaning curled up in a fetal position on the pavement. I never got real close but I wasn't as worried as before about his returning some day. He had no clue of anything at all !
      One of the officers drove around in his car to check the buildings out around the property for his bother or anyone else he didn't see any tracks in the dew or anyone around.
       Another officer came over to talk to me and said that he was drunk. He had a footprint in the middle of his back. They figured he had a drug deal go bad in Shawnee and someone beat the living daylights out of him and then dumped him like a dog in the middle of nowhere. I mean other than winding up on my doorstep literally you have to admit that is pretty damn funny ! That footprint in the middle of the back pretty much told it all. LOL
    Since he was in bad shape they called the ambulance. Even the Deputies couldn't believe how long it was taking to get them here. They said good thing it wasn't serious.
     The EMT's arrived, a man and a woman. They were all standing around him in a circle.
They asked about why he was curled up like that?
Do you hurt anywhere? My back..... EMT raised up the shirt and said his back looked just fine. The other one ran her hand down the middle and the man moaned real big around the lower shoulder area.
One EMT lifted his arm looking for needle tracks.
They asked, ' What drugs are you on today?" he said none.
Ok what drugs did you do yesterday?? None
Alright... get up... lets walk to the ambulance..... I can't You walked your way here you can walk to the ambulance. He didn't move. One of the Deputies told him you either go to the hospital or you go with us to jail Which one are you going to do? He suddenly sobered up and decided he could go to the ambulance. I don't remember seeing him walk to the ambulance.

     After he was gone and the deputies were still here I asked him why they didn't just help him up. He said, did you see him suddenly get alert and decide to go to the hospital? He has been in the system enough to know what would happen if he went to jail. We chatted a while and I said I guess you see this stuff all the time. He said it was getting bad everywhere, mainly break ins.  We talked about how bad people were getting. He said his job sure does harden you up to a lot of stuff. Both deputies were very nice, professional acting. I told him I was surprised they got there that fast. He said if it had been more serious they would have driven faster. Since everyone was gone I asked if Heidi Ho could come out and see them. He had made a comment when looking at her looking out the door about her wanting to come out and bite someone. I told them you just have to worry about that wicked tongue and tail beating them up! LOL  I like the cops to know she isn't going to hurt anyone. She came out and everyone loved on her and she was a happy camper.

     They had me fill out a incident report about what all happened. They needed my drivers license and SS number for some reason. Kind of bugs me but whatever. They were going to file breaking and entering charges on the man. I don't know why they didn't get him for trespassing also.  By the time everyone was gone it was 5 am and there was NO WAY I could go back to sleep. NOPE ! Just wasn't going to happen I didn't sleep all day with everything we had to do. Now when it gets night time I can't help but be leery. I just have to remember how many nights that nothing happened. Even though many years ago 20+ years there was a time when my in laws were living here and didn't lock the gate. A car load of men tried to bust in the front door. My older than us now father in law opened the garage door with is 410 ( like that would do anything but tickle someone ) and chased them off some how.  WW2 vet still had it even then! LOL Just his choice of weapons stunk. 
     After everyone was gone I told hubby I thought we did pretty good really. I didn't open ANY doors. I stayed calm and called the sheriff. Hubby had a weapon handy to take care of things if needed. I was clear enough thinking to know that he could have "friends" out there with him. I asked hubby what could we do to improve in the future. He said shoot him. I said but what if they have others outside with him. Shoot them as they come in the door. 

The next morning I had to take a tire to town to be repaired. I have been hunting with the guys enough to know what to look for.. As I went out I checked the middle and side of the road and didn't see any tracks like foot prints or dragging feet. The road was dry and pretty hard packed so I didn't expect much on that.  I looked at the tall grass along the road and didn't see any walking paths or where someone just was pushed out in the grass pressing it down. I checked the other side coming back from town. Nothing like he just fell out of the sky.      
       I have been thinking.... since we have windows in the front door like stained glass but clear folks can see straight through to the recliner because of the lamp beside the chair. I need to go outside after dark and just see how much a person can really see out there. We may have to change the lighting up. I also see that the trucks sure do create a blind spot more than I thought. Some kind of outdoor lighting around the yard that shows everything is needed. Something we can see out but we can control so if we want to sneak out they can't see us. There are driveway alarms we could put people high so critters wouldn't trigger them. Most people would say get a outside dog for a alarm but honestly I hate to leave a dog in the elements. Heidi Ho was sound asleep in the back bedroom.  Heck I was just a few feet away and just barely heard anything. I just happened to be wired in a way I notice odd noises. If I had been asleep I wouldn't have heard anything. It wasn't like he was knocking or banging anything around. Hubby always goes out the door armed. He will for sure be more alert now. LOL If he had opened the garage door to someone in the truck I don't know what would have happened.
Love Ranchmama ( Thinking about safety more. Your never prepared for everything )

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Saturday Work With the Help

       Today I start finishing up the work I have hired a 16 year old to do. We are going around the fences and limb lopping off young cedar trees and anything hanging over the fence I can't drive by with a tractor. I almost have all the outside fences done on the Sires place. We have it started on our home place but I will finish the outside fences when we get done with the other places. 
    My method of doing it is I go to all the places and clear out any new growth along the outside fences first. I like to be able to drive around all the fences on the inside so we can repair and do whatever is needed. 
    Once I get the outside fences done on all the properties I start working on the inside cross fences one place at a time. 
   If I don't get this kind of thing done we will lose our fences to overgrowth really quick in just a matter of a few years. You can't afford to clean out and replace fences every few years with a bull dozer for sure so much better to do this. 
    I am trying to get as much done as I can before we get to hot so we can avoid snakes and ticks to some degree. I sure as heck don't want to get someone hurt while doing it!
    I will take the fence bucket with us in case we see some fence clips that need to be put on or whatever while out.
     I hope I can get a pipe dug out that popped up in one of the pasture roads that isn't being used for drainage any more. I have been after hubby about it for over a year because we have to go around it when driving. I am afraid we are going to hit it with a tire and get a flat. He argues with me but I'll be darned if I'm going to let the chance to fix it go by now that I have some help! 
    If we get done in time and the guy still has energy  I'm going to put him to work picking up rocks south of the barn. It's a place where the cows are a lot and where they have eroded the ground and exposed them. Just perfect for hubby to trip over out there when he is putting feed out. 
    We have a pipe H for the fence the cows walk by constantly hugging the fence. Cows do that a lot about hugging fence corners. It is also eroding and I'm going to have him fill up the hole there so maybe they won't walk there so much and if nothing else it will keep the dirt from eroding and weakening the fence. 
    I love having help! I can supervise and get things done I have been bugging hubby about that he doesn't think is important.! 
    It is surprising how tiring it is to supervise someone for 5 hours or more! Wears you out even though your not doing a lot of anything but watching and instructing. 
    I'm going to be worn out when I get back into the house but I have been gathering ingredients together the last few trips to town to make me a Lemon Blueberry Cake for my birthday. Hubby said that isn't his kind of cake I told him too bad! It's my birthday and I am going to make something I have been wanting to try for a while now. Naturally it is a complicated from scratch cake somewhat so I can actually make it in stages and put together on a different day. The saddest part is I don't have anyone to share it with! When you don't have family around it's hard to enjoy cooking. Hubby has such stupid picky taste buds and doesn't like so many things I swear it has ruined my ability to cook good! So I figure I will get to try a piece or 2 of cake and give the rest to the helper. 

gotta go, help will be here soon