Monday, October 16, 2017

Prepper Care

    Sounds like Medi Care or some kind of insurance. LOL Next time someone asks what kind of insurance you have tell them you have PREPPER CARE ! Your doctor is Dr. Mom / Dr. Dad. I need to start a blog on Prepper Care .    
    I've been thinking and trying to analyze a lot of health stuff. Not only for myself but other folks I come in contact with. I don't have any medical training so I would say I would be pretty clueless in many areas. Maybe not AS CLUELESS as many blindly functioning people out there but for sure not properly trained.
    I would think there are many preppers that are aware of health issues in a emergency sense of things. But are they aware and knowledgeable in the common ever day health issues that you can run across in just plain living. Not war time extreme or disaster extreme. Just if things are for some reason not as easy living and comfy as we are today even. Lots of poor people are living that way now. Medical insurance is just not working or available for some people.
   I know we talk about prepping and stocking up on meds which is always good, But can you take care of you, yours, family and friends without going to the doctor? There are so many methods to learn or be aware of for treating the people around you. The list starts with :
Common sense
Standard pharmaceuticals
Essential Oils
TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine 
Ayurvedic medicine
    Use what works for you, what is comfortable for you to learn how to use and understand. Be aware of other methods because your method may be wonderful but you may run across someone it doesn't work for and need to pull a different rabbit out of your medical hat.
   Don't forget massage, simple safe chiropractic and a big dose in counseling people.
     We have so many currant health issues. Some is due to what we call old age. But I am thinking it's more due to lack of knowledge. We are soo busy with life we don't stop to see what is really happening until we can't wiggle or in pretty miserable health. Then we run to the doctor and listen to the PROFESSIONALS that in many cases mess up more than they fix up! The naturalist / organic folks are getting a clue some of us too late but it's a start.
  If the SHTF some day many will die like we are finding out in the hurricanes. Anyone over 60 is in extreme danger of dying. I am seeing so many health issues that go back to missing something in the body's chemistry that in the chain of events the link gets broken and starts a cascade of health problems.
   Modern foods are not supplying our bodies with what we need in general due to the lack of nutrients in our production of those foods. Be it the soil lacking or just the way things are processed to be stored on the shelves in many cases. Most of these issue still goes back to our own choices in the food we eat and enjoy. If it isn't that it is the contaminants in not only the food but the world around us we live in. We have all heard this stuff before.
   So lets get back to basics. If your not a medically trained person you need to be aware and able to assist, fix, recognize common everyday issues and how to deal with them. Be the Dr. Mom or Dr. Dad in your family or group of friends. Here is a list of health problems you can check off to see what you think you can handle without modern day pharmaceuticals and maybe what you may need to learn more about. 

The 11 most common reasons for emergency department visits:  

   1. Chest pain
    2. Shortness of breath / difficulty breathing
    3. Abdominal pain
    4. Headache
    5. Vomiting
    6. Fractures / sprains
    7. Syncope or fainting
    8. Motor vehicle accidents
    9. Fever
    10. Cough
    11. Infections such as a cold or the flu
    ___ Acute Anticipatory Anxiety                             ___ Laryngitis
    ___ Allergies                                                        ___ Mononucleosis
    ___ Anaphylaxis                                                   ___ Muscle Aches
    ___ Athlete's Foot                                                ___ Nasal Congestion
    ___ Back Pain                                                      ___ Oral / Mouth Sores
    ___ Bladder Infections (UTI)                                   ___ Pink Eye / Styes
   ___ Blisters                                                            ___ Poison Ivy / Poison Oak
   ___ Blood Loss                                                      ___ Post-Surgical Complications
   ___ Bronchitis                                                        ___ Ring Worm
   ___ Bruises                                                            ___ Shingles
   ___ Bug Bites / Stings                                           ___ Shock and Collapse
   ___ Burns / Sun Burns                                           ___ Sinus Infection
   ___ Chicken Pox                                                    ___ Skin Infection
   ___ Cold Sores                                                      ___ Skin Irritation /Rashes /Impetigo
   ___ Common Cold                                                 ___ Sore Throat
   ___ Cough                                                              ___ Splinters
   ___ Cuts / Minor                                                     ___ Sports Injuries
  ___ Dental Emergencies / Infections                         ___ Sprains / Strains
  ___ Diarrhea, Nausea, Vomiting                                 ___ Staple / Suture & Removal
  ___ Ear Infection                                                        ___ Stroke
  ___ Emotional Shock                                                ___ Sunstroke
  ___ Ear Pain                                                             ___ Swimmers Ear
  ___ Fever                                                                  ___ Tetanus
  ___ Fainting                                                              ___ Toenail / Ingrown /Removal
  ___ Flue                                                                    ___ Traumatic Injuries
  ___ Fractures and Assisting Bone Healing                   ___ Upper Respiratory Infection
  ___ Fright                                                                  ___ Vaginal Discharge
  ___ Frostbite                                                             ___ Vaccinations / Flu
  ___ Grief                                                                    ___ Wounds / Abrasions

Friday, October 6, 2017

Carnivore Hubby Food

I get sooo tired of fixing Carnivore Hubby Food and not or very little veggies. At our age and with ailments I keep telling him we are not eating the right foods! If you don't put the stuff in your body requires to function at it's prime your just going to feel like crud! He just don't get it. We argue about it all the time. He has no clue how other men eat at all. He thinks they all eat like he does or should or if they don't they are just something less manly I swear!
   So I fixed something different. I can't do any pepper not even black pepper so I left all that out. I tamed down the spices or left out a lot of stuff here.The stuff with a xxxx I left out and I put 2 x's more meat almost. It was still to spicy even for him ! I could eat it even but he didn't like it.He picked out the meat and ate a little of the rice and beans. 
   I absolutely hate it when I fix something like a stew and he picks out the carrots, green beans, or whatever other veggie I put in it that isn't potatoes or corn or hominy. I feel like I just wasted money, time, energy and made a big mess to clean up I don't want to clean. 
    I gave the huge amount of left overs to the helper and his family and they really liked it. I can't just fix a meal for me and then one for him. That's too much work. So I am stuck eating good food but not really the right foods. Next Experiment ! LOL


Serves: 8

  • 1 sweet onion, diced
  • 1 small poblano pepper, seeded and diced  xxxx
  • 1 small red pepper, seeded and diced    xxxx
  • Olive oil
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 8 oz lean ground beef
  • 8 oz fresh chorizo sausage, casing removed  ( left casing on the Kielbasa sausage )
  • 1 (32) oz low sodium beef broth   ( I used powder in water mix )
  • 1½ cup long grain rice
  • 1 (15) oz can pinto beans, drained and rinsed  ( black beans )
  • 1 (10) oz can mild or hot Rotel tomatoes
  • 1 cup fresh or frozen corn
  • 2 packets Goya Sazon Coriander and Annatto Seasoning   xxxx
  • 2 Tbsp dark chili powder   ( 1/2 )
  • 1 Tbsp ground cumin
  • 1 tsp garlic salt (Or to taste)
  • 1 tsp lemon pepper      xxxx
  • 2 Tbsp chopped cilantro   xxxx
  • 2 cup grated cheddar cheese


  1. In skillet cook the onion and peppers. Season lightly with salt and black pepper.
  2. Cook for 3 mins. until beginning to brown then add the garlic. Cook for 1 minute.
  3. Add the ground beef and chorizo. Cook until brown. Drain any excess fat from the pan.
  4. Turn heat to high. Add everything but cheese. Bring to a boil stirring until combined.
  5. Cover and Simmer until the rice is tender and most of the liquid is absorbed.
  6. Uncover and mix in the cilantro.
  7. Top with cheese. Remove from the heat and cover allowing the cheese to melt or melt under the broiler in the oven.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Vegas ....What a mess !

Sometimes bad things just happen. No explaining it.
Please God ..... heal the injured mentally and physically and all others that are touched by this stupidity.

I'm afraid there will be many more maybe not like this one but it will be more frequent. Much more frequent.
People are not happy. Life just sucks for too many of our citizens of all ages.

How do you make a dent in all the many forms of unhappiness in our country?
Drug abuse
Alcohol abuse
Mental and Physical abuse to family

    I think these are rampant the tenticals (sp) of the damage ( this touches many areas) of just these reach out to not just for 1 victim but for whole families for lifetimes.
    then you have the many other areas of
Bad Health
Hunger (yes in our country)
Poorness........ I know hard working people that are still poor and just can't get ahead. Always behind the 8 ball.
   How do you pick up even 1 family or community up to a better happier life much less a whole country with good people that are just drug down and not happy?
     Love ?? People say that but I don't think people understand what that is, It isn't just being a good person and not doing bad things. It isn't just telling people you love them ( it never hurts though)
    Love is a action word.... a verb ......

 It is taking action in small and large ways to SHOW LOVE to everyone you can in some way. 
 It can be as simple as 
telling someone how good they look
thank you for such a good job
sharing your garden bounty
fixing "too much" dessert and sharing with someone
It can be listening to their problems letting them let off steam and then asking how can "we" fix that now. 
It can be letting them work  enough to pay a bill even though you could have done the work yourself. 
Maybe take someone out to lunch or ask them over for a meal they didn't have to fix.
    I know those are Little Things but those are things anyone can do. Maybe if we get in the habit of doing lots of little things we can work up to the big things whatever that may be. 

   I just don't know how to fix that much sucking in the world very quick.

( I really do TRY to love everyone but believe me I have my limits ! LOL)

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Cloudy Dreary Rainy Day

It's 67* with a high of about 73* today. Cloudy dreary light rainy weather.

It's. 9 am hubby is fed he has birds and cows taken care of and I decided to just come out and sit on the porch. 
     I told hubby I just needed a break from dark and dreary in the house. He said it's that way out here ! I told him nope! Not as bad as inside and I get fresh air .
      He and Heidi Ho sat out here with me a few minutes and decided to go in. 
      I like the rain. This kind of slow rain is so soothing. We needed it. The hay field is all cleaned off of hay bales and soaking it up. Nikki's place we recently brush hogged and it can green up and get pretty again. The Sire's place I worked on a few weeks ago and I have most of the south side looking good. It has the poorest soil from being farmed for probably a 100 yrs . It's slow growing on the grass but those darn weeds are just terrible! Hubby said it's a waist of time but I told him I for sure want to get the north side of the place looking better before he has to put hay spikes on the tractor . I don't want to have to look at all that nasty stuff all winter where we drive and feed ! He said it would fall down after frost and I told him it didn't last yr and we had to look at it all year ! I sometimes think I need goats. 
    I also brush hogged behind the house in our little nursury pasture where we put cows we need to keep a close eye on. 
     Things are going to look so good in a few days after this rain kicks in !!
     Well darn. I have called everyone available this time of morning, wrote this little day report now I guess I have to go in and deal with kitchen, desk and hubby's 2 teeth he had taken out on Monday . He is such a Sheldon sometimes, overthinking every little tiny thing like he has no clue  !!  Grrr but it is kinda funny I just try to laugh about it. I told him listen.... I had 5-6 taken out at a time several times with abscesses and broken down below the gums.... Really ! What your doing is amature hr here dear ! Lol
     Darn. I give up.  Dark dreary house , chores and insurance paperwork is calling.


Sunday, September 10, 2017

Bull Talk

    A few weeks ago it was time to move the bull from the house to a pasture about a mile away since he had done his job here at the house. 
     As usual I drove the truck to back up to the trailer while hubby opened gates and directed me to the right spot so he could drop the trailer onto the hitch. 
       I can't back up that trailer and make a turn aiming for the corral gate for nothing no matter how much I try so hubby gets to do that . 
       We get bully into the trailer without any problems as usual. Seems like they always know if they load up they are going to party. LOL
        I drive the truck and trailer while hubby unlocks and opens gates.
        We go down the road a bit open the gate and I pull the trailer into the property a ways to pull the cows away from the open gate. Usually there is never a problem everyone does what they are supposed to. 
        This time hubby goes to let the bull out and call the cows so everyone could get acquainted as usual. Darned if I didn't look back and see some cows wonder out the gate and up the road to our other property gate across the road! 
       Hubby tells me to jump in the truck go up the road turn it around and block the road so the cows wouldn't go too far. I told him no way! I can't turn it around that fast! You do it! 
      So he jumped in and dropped me off at the gate to block the ones in there and to let the others in. 
      No big deal pretty normal. Except! This time the other bull across the road came up to welcome the ladies from across the road! 
     Well that is not ok with the bull we just dropped off! He started heading to the gate to have a talk with that guy! Let him know real quick just how things are going to be! 
      Hubby was up the road shooing the cows back where they belong. I was at the open gate guarding it .... That is until I looked up to see about a 2000 lb bull in front of me eyeballing the bully directly behind me on the other side of the road. 
     They were both bellowing. I swear they had the yard stick out measuring everything to see who had the biggest part. 
       I looked at the bull directly in front of me and he gave me a look that let's  you know you are in the way and you wouldn't win ! 
     I quickly shut the gate!! Then moved out of the way! 
     Now I have heard two bulls "talking" across the road to each other but I have never been directly between two when they were chatting! 
     Oh my gosh!!! Sooo loud!!! I don't usually get too worried about things but there are some things you just  "know" you don't mess with! Bulls are something though you always watch no matter what.
       It was like two huge grizzly bears sparing. 
       Hubby got the cows back where they belonged and I guess they distracted bully enough we could open the gate without issues . 
      Wow! All these years and that was something I have never encountered up close and personal. 
      The picture above I barrowed from the net but they are the same color and size to give you a idea.

The Things You Learn

With a new cookbook or 3 ! 
In my quest to find perfect prize winning pie and cake recipes, since I don't have any recipes handed down to me from my mom or anyone, I collected a few books recently that actually had won first place with there recipes. 
    It doesn't take much of a excuse for me to get a new book I can use and learn from.
     What I really learned from these is to use UNBLEACHED flour. Now tell me what is wrong with my thinker? All the things I do for myself and playing DR Mom to other folks to cut back on toxins and improve our health and I never thought of THAT ! 
   Sheesh! Head slap! Duh!!
I found what I  was looking for at Wally World the smaller stores are slow like me and haven't caught on yet.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Update ! Shroom City in the Country

Since my last post on the subject we have learned something cool! 

This is what is called a Fairy Ring! We were told that if you looked under this ground it is different in some way. Believe me we have mushrooms all over the pastures now but I think this is the only one I have seen in this configuration. Now I did see some in the shape of a kind of a trail. Picture a ballon string twisting in the air that's how that one looked. 
       Now look at this.....

Heidi Ho is waiting for the little Fairies to show up ! 
     I do have to wonder. Every now and then when these first started showing up she would look out the door and bark at them like " Hey ! What the heck is that ?" 
    Then again maybe she was barking at the Fairies !